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Tiva Sanat Mahan Company was registered in April 1015 in the Company Registration of Isfahan. The main objective to establish this company was to achieve the unachievable and that human being able to create what he sees and bring into existence what he imagines. The company`s article of associations: design, calculations, consulting, supervising any mineral projects, related affairs to the preparation and extraction, unitization, exploration, conversion and analyzing and manufacturing the mineral to metal and nonmetal products and related products, design, consulting, and performing in the area of building the production lines of the mineral industry, export, and import of all licensed commercial goods

About us
About us

Knowledge and technology

Applying the first hand experiences of the biggest magnesium ingot producer and exporter in the world, the china, and relaying on the knowledge of Iranian personals and modeling the similar production line, Tiva Sanat Company managed to produce magnesium ingot through the aforesaid methods. Iranian would be very proud to find out that they are included among the top-rated knowledge-based companies and have been able to model and localize the knowledge of production. The knowledge of this method is standoffish as it applies different systems of pressure and vacuum in installation, heat and temperature control in the heat and furnaces operation and the temperature differences make the magnesium dense within the production procedure.