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Producing magnesium through the silicon thermic resuscitation

Magnesium is produced through different procedures all over the world and the silicon thermic method is one in which the magnesium is resuscitated from dolomite. This process is done in a vacuum with a temperature higher than 1100 C, dolomite, ferrosilicon, and florin with defined percentages are moved to vacuum in a special furnace and the internal pressure of the furnace pipes is less than 13 p for about 12 hours and by the following process, turns into magnesium Crown.

2(MgO.CaO) + Si(Fe)-> 2Mg +Ca2O4Si+ Fe

The produced magnesium crown in the resuscitation unit of the ingot casting is produced in the form of a 7-kg magnesium ingot and is delivered to the market as the final product.

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Inauguration of Tiva Sanat Mahan Mineral Products Complex

Opening of Tiva Sanat Mahan mineral products complex, the first producer of magnesium ingots in Iran

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25 Nov

The Minister of Industry's emphasis on self-sufficiency in magnesium ingot production

With the presence of the Minister of Industry, the magnesium ingot production plant in the White Hill Industrial Park has come into operation.

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16 Nov

Tiva Sanat Mahan Company

Tiva Sanat Mahan manufacturing: the producer of sintered Dolomite, calcinate, sintered magnesite, and the magnesium ingot

Tiva Sanat Mahan company was established on 4.13.2105 under the license issued by the Company Registration of Isfahan. Under the title of a Knowledge Enterprise, this company managed to obtain the title of “the modern producer of magnesium ingot: the second type companies” in the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, the Knowledge enterprise. At the current time, the company is actively developing the projects and is producing sintered Dolomite, calcinate, sintered magnesite, and the magnesium ingot in the Sefiddasht industrial District, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

The company is ambitious to expand its experimental and industrial production and it is hopeful to find the right place in the order of main exporters among other important manufacturers in the world by the end of 2021.